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We know how frustrating it can be when something you love needs repairing.

If you’re like us, you probably would prefer to invest your time and energy into repairing (almost anything) without wasting money unnecessarily. You’ve likely wondered if there was something that can fix things quickly, that could help people from all walks of life.

We know today people want to become the ultimate DIYERS. They want to save money without costly tools. Why should repairs be reserved only to the workshop?

At Q-Bond, we get it.
We understand your frustration. For the past 20 years, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you save money and time fixing almost any item and be amazed at how simple it can be.

In 2000, Paul Holder, President & Founder of Q-Bond, launched the Q-Bond line of adhesive products with the sole purpose to create a Quick-Bonding adhesive that’s versatile. Currently Q-Bond is used in the Automotive industry, Refinishing, Hardware, and DIY to mention a few.

We are committed to helping you make repairing almost anything easy so you can stop feeling the frustration of costly repairs or complicated machinery. Currently sold world-wide in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, The United Kingdom, Europe, and Mauritius.

The process is simple —
1. Fill in an application
2. Become a Distributor
3. Help your customers fix almost anything, FAST!

Once you Become a distributor, you’ll have taken the first step to helping customers save time and save money. We believe that everyone should be able to fix (almost) anything if they wanted to. And you deserve to give them that opportunity. We help you secure one of the best adhesives on the market that gets rock hard in 10 seconds, so that we can build a long lasting relationship that keeps your customers happy.

Become a Distributor today, so we can get started.


Is your product a “two-part” adhesive?

No, it is not like the two part adhesives you are used to. It is a unique product, which can be used independently as an industrial adhesive, or as a repair system.

What is the peak pressure it can resist?

Studies have been conducted where our product withstands peak pressure of 1,300 PSI or 90 bar.

What is the max temperature it can resist?

Q-Bond is engineered to withstand 356 degrees Fahrenheit, or 180 Celsius. These temperatures exceed almost anything in a modern automobile minus the exhaust manifold.

How long does your product take to set up?

The Q-Bond adhesive and powder reaction will fully cure in as fast as 10 seconds on most common applications, however the adhesive on its own has shown to vary depending on the surface. On metal for instance the adhesive on its own may take up to 30 minutes to fully cure.

Can Q-Bond withstand chemicals? (Such as oil, diesel, petrol, coolant, etc)

Our product is completely resistant to most chemicals that you would find in an automobile, especially oil, diesel and petrol. 

Can your product be sanded down to a fine finish?

When using the powder component, Q-Bond can be sanded down to a fine finish. From there you can powder coat, paint, polish, or in woodworking – seal the product.

Can Q-Bond be drilled and tapped?

Yes, Q-Bond can be drilled. Q-Bond can be tapped, but the tread won’t be strong. We don’t recommend tapping for a permanent solution, only temporary.

Can Q-Bond repair be exposed to water?

Yes, the area must be clean and dry when applying the repair, after fully cured the repaired item can be exposed to water. 

Can Q-Bond be used on a wet or dirty surface?

No, the area must be clean and dry when applying the product. 

Can Q-Bond repair conduct electricity?


Can Q-Bond be painted?

Yes, once the repair is completely dry, it can be painted. 

Can Q-Bond be used in fish tanks?

Yes. First the broken part must be removed from the tank and the area to be repaired must be completely clean and dry. After the repair is done, the part can go back into the fish tank.

Can a Q-Bond repair seal in air?

Yes, if applied properly, a part repaired with Q-Bond will be able to seal a leak completely, even air.

Is your product rigid or flexible?

Q-Bond adhesive on its own is 100% flexible on rubber surfaces such as belts and gaskets. The powder and adhesive combination is rigid.

What are the powders used for?

The powders provide a repair system beyond typical super glue. The general purpose is to provide a medium to fill cracks, gaps, or other areas that need added strength.

What is the difference between your powders?

The black powder is primarily used on plastic surfaces, while the grey powder is primarily used for metal applications.

Is there a difference between the adhesives in the repair kit?

No, it is the exact same adhesive.

Can you use the 5ml adhesive on the powders in the repair kit?

Yes, it is the exact same adhesive.

Why are there multiple adhesives in the repair kit and not just one big one?

To ensure the best possible shelf life. All the adhesives are sealed and when you break the seal of the one, the others remains sealed. This will reduce the changes of the adhesive drying out.

What is the difference between a normal super glue brand and Q-Bond?

While both Q-Bond and “Super Glue” are both cyanoacrylate based, Q-Bond has many characteristics that Super Glue lacks. Our proprietary blend allows it to do many things that regular basic glue cannot. And the most significant element is that Q-Bond adhesive is specifically designed to react with the Q-Bond powders in such a way that it reaches the resistance levels in temperature, hardness, pressure, chemicals, etc.

What is the shelf life of Q-Bond?

Up to two years shelf life to our direct customers. 

Is your product like JB Weld, Gorilla Glue, Flexseal, etc?

We do not compare ourselves to the brands like “JB Weld, Gorilla Glue, or Flexseal,” 

as there is a market segment for each product. We feel that our speciality falls in a different category than them

Can we use superglue on your powders?

If you were to try to use a different product such as “Super Glue” on our powders, you will find that likely the adhesive would bead off the side of our powders. Eventually curing the outside of the powder, but leaving the inside completely raw, like an egg fried too fast.

The result is that you will think it is safe to use, but under any pressure, or force, the product will fail almost immediately. Our proprietary blend has been reformed to withstand industry maximums such as pressure, temperature, chemicals, etc.

Can we just buy the adhesive?

In South Africa where we manufacture Q-Bond we do sell the adhesive exclusively known as product code “QB1”. Otherwise worldwide we offer two options: QB2 – small repair kit, QB3 – large repair kit. QB2 consists of two sealed 10 mL adhesive bottles, 1 grey powder, and 1 black powder. QB3 consists of six sealed 10 mL adhesive bottles, 1 grey powder, and 2 black powders.

Can we just purchase the powder (black or grey)?

Unfortunately, at this time we only focus our sales as a set unit.

Does Q-Bond work on all surfaces or are there exceptions?

Q-Bond works on most surfaces, but there are some exceptions:

  • Polyethylene based plastics (ie… sandwich bags)
  • Polypropylene based plastics (ie… food storage containers)
  • Silicone based rubbers (ie… kitchen utensils)
  • Stainless steel
Is Q-Bond FDA safe? (Food and Drug administration approved in the USA)

At this time, we are not focused on that market; therefore, we did not go through the process to become approved. 

Is this product harmful or dangerous?

Q-Bond is non-toxic, but like all products it should be handled carefully and be out of the reach from children. Q-Bond must be handled with care, because it can glue skin in seconds, so avoid contact with skin and eyes. Finally, there is a small chemical reaction between the powders and adhesive and the vapours from this reaction can hurt your eyes, so don’t stand directly over the area when repairing.

Is Q-Bond compliant with the EU REACH regulation?

Yes, Q-Bond is compliant and is REACH Compliant Certified.

How do I remove Q-Bond?

For adhesive stuck on skin contact, acetone will release the product. 

Where can I purchase/buy Q-Bond from?

Q-Bond is sold world-wide, so providing every store name is impossible. Most common stores are hardware and spare shops. But if you still find problems locating Q-Bond, feel free to email us on info[at]qbond.com.

What is the price of your product?

This all depends on where you are located worldwide. Q-Bond only sells wholesale to top quality distributors worldwide.  If you are interested in being a distributor of our product or want more info, please visit the “contact us” portal on our website. 

How do I apply Q-Bond vertically?

The adhesive on its own can be applied to the broken area as normal. With regards to the powders,  some creativity can go a long way. By using tape, like masking tape, you can create a small barrier to prevent the powders from falling to the floor and apply the adhesive in layers. You can then build up the repair and sand or ground down the excess Q-Bond if needed.