Repair almost anything

    Ultra-strong quick bonding adhesive for
    almost every application.

      Works in seconds
      Easy to apply
      Ultra strong

      Breakages can happen
      at any moment.

      • Replacing entire parts instead of just fixing them
      • Lose your special little item due to cracks or breaking
      • Waste money when you can fix it yourself
      • Simple repairs can become expensive

      You shouldn’t need a workshop to fix things around the house.

      We believe that “if it’s broke. You can fix it!”

      Adhesive only

      Ultra strong adhesive:

      • Metal
      • Plastic
      • Rubber
      • Ceramic

      Black powder & Adhesive

      A super strong combination best applied to:

      • Hard Plastics
      • Remote Controls Lugs/Clips
      • Motorcycle Fairings
      • Bumpers
      • Radiators

      Grey powder & Adhesive

      A super strong combination best applied to:

      • Metal Surfaces
      • Motorcycle Casings
      • Carburetors
      • Aluminum
      • Office Equipment

      How to sell Q-Bond

      We understand how frustrating wear, tear and breakages can be.

      For 20 years we have helped DIYers and workshops fix almost anything.
      If scientists have used Q-Bond in space programs. You can use it too!

      Found in stores worldwide such as…

      And many, many more…

      How to use Q-Bond

      Apply adhesive

      Make sure to apply on to a clean and dry surface.

      Add powder

      Depending on surface add powder in layers.

      Hold for 10 seconds

      Hold or wait and be amazed how Q-Bond gets rock hard in 10 seconds.

      Where is Q-Bond best used?

      Home repairs
      Mechanical Workshops
      Office repairs
      Woodwork workshop
      Craft stores
      Automotive repairs
      Model builders
      Hardware industry
      Toy repairs
      And much more..

        At Q-Bond we know that you want to be the ultimate DIYer and in order to do that, you need to be able to fix almost anything fast. The problem is that having all the right tools can be expensive and that makes you feel frustrated. We believe that fixing things isn’t only accomplished in a workshop. We understand how empowering it is to be able to repair almost right from your kitchen table. For over 20 years Q-Bond has helped DIYers through a worldwide distribution network that spans over 50 countries. Our product has been used in space programs and available in local stores such as Shoprite, Auto-Zone, Midas and Pick ’n Pay.

        Here is how you can repair
        almost anything:

        Following simple instructions, watch how fast you will be able to fix almost anything. Find a dealer today. So that you can stop having to waste money replacing entire parts and instead use a product that really works. Making almost anything rock hard in 10 seconds.

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        Competitively priced, Q-Bond will be the answer to most of your DIY needs

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